The Most Common Online Casino Gambling Myths

Gambling Myths: Naturally, many people will in most cases be suspicious of things they do not understand and online casinos and their land-based counterparts might seem mysterious to people that have never visited an online casino or gone to a brick and mortar casino.

 gambling mythsTherefore, it should not surprise you that several gambling myths have been around for some years as shown in this post. This article takes a closer look at some of the most common myths that you will most likely come across when you start searching around for the best gambling site where you can either bet on sports or play casino games.

Most of these gambling myths are usually linked to the popular percentage that most casinos are created to scam players out of their hard-earned money. Although some myths have a weak link to gambling, many of them are just products of unwarranted imaginations.

Gambling Myths: Casino Games Are Not Fair, But Rigged

No person would ever have the guts to join an online casino and try out any casino game if there was any truth to this myth. While online casinos are created in such a way that they will always make some good money in the long term mainly because of the house advantage/edge, this does not mean that gamblers can never win. The winning odds at a casino are no stacked against a player. In most cases, online casinos make profits from millions of gamblers over the long run and you might just be one of the few unlucky ones because many people have also managed to win huge sums of money playing casino games.

Every player who joins an only casino has an equal chance of winning if they understand what they are doing it the casino. For instance, the use of random number generators in casino slots ensures that the outcome of every spin is purely random. Therefore, it is the high time that players ditch these conspiracy theories and start playing responsibly and one thing that you will realize is that you can either win or lose based on how much you know about the casino games you are playing.

Gambling Myths: Counting Of Cards Is Illegal

This is completely wrong because there are no regulations that have been passed against card counting and there is no way you can be jailed for counting cards.

For instance, if a player is caught counting their cards in a land-based casino, the casino will just kick you out of their establishment and will alert other casinos about what you did. However, no casino will ever take extra measures like taking you to a court of law. So, saying that counting cards when playing card games is illegal is just an unfounded myth.

If A Slot Machine Has Not Paid Out For Some Time, Then A Big Win Is On The Way

This is not even a myth, but a big lie. Casino slot machines aren’t programmed to know whether it just paid out or it hasn’t even paid out for weeks or months. This is because casino slot machines utilize RNGs to produce the outcome of every spin which ultimately creates the newest combinations with different spins.

This is a clear indication that you do not have to feel any regret when you see a person winning huge from a casino slot machine that you have just walked away from. It just wasn’t your turn to win. All the outcomes of these slot machines are random and there is no way of telling when it will give a huge payout. Therefore, there is no way you can perfectly say that a machine that hasn’t paid out for many years will ultimately payout today, it’s all a myth.

Oxygen Is Pumped Into The Floors Of Las Vegas Casinos To Keep Players Energized

Some people claim that this is a common trend in Las Vegas. Some people claim that casinos add pheromones to their establishments to motivate gamblers to start playing more aggressively. This is something that is very far from the truth because feeling energized, but you have lost all your money at the casino will not in any way keep you playing because you no longer have more money to spend.

Furthermore, the perception that players will become more energized with more oxygen being pumped into the casino rooms is not based on any scientific knowledge. Trying to interfere with oxygen supplies is deemed illegal in the UK and the United States and there is no single casino that would dare risk losing their license over something trivial as this.

You Have A Better Chance Of Winning Casino Slots When Playing In A Very Busy Casino

Typically, yes, you are more likely to find higher progressive jackpot payouts in busy establishments than you can ever find in a casino that is not filled with people.

The only truth to this matter is that with more people at the casino, there are additional casino games available. As a single-player, your winning chances do not change regardless of whether you are alone at the casino or in a casino with millions of players.

Online Gambling Encourages Underage Gambling

A major concern and something that has been giving online casino operators sleepless nights is how they can regulate underage gambling. The good news is that there seem to be some approaches that are working well. For instance, for you to deposit funds into your casino account, you will be required to submit some of your documents including your ID and address.

These are to be used during the verification process to ensure you have reached the legal age of gambling in that jurisdiction. Again, most online casinos will require you to verify these details before you can cash out your winnings from the casino. This is a sure way of making sure that children do not join an online casino and play. So, this is an unfounded myth, which is not true.

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