In classic slot machine parlors, one always expects to see at least one “jackpot” or even more in the pot when the odds are “even”. Even with the best playing strategy, a great casino hit is difficult to come by and when it does come along, it is usually with little if any chance at all. However, with the new addition of Spectrum, there's another slot machine that is now open for play. It seems that the developers at Interplay are really trying to set the world of online casino gaming on the path of becoming the biggest name in the industry.

The new “Spectrum” bonus game is very much like the old classic slots that you used to know and love. Like all other Novomatic slots, free Spectrum slot offers a simple, fun and exciting poker's game with a player-friendly design. The new slot has 5 reels with just no payline. Instead of paying, however, there are “arrows” which point out a red or yellow dot on the reels, which means you are either hitting a red or yellow dot on that reel. Instead of paying when you hit something, you get paid when you land on an “X” where the pointer is on a colored circle.

You will need to use your mouse for all the actions of this game as it uses Flash to help create its special slot appearance. This is also one of the few bonus games in the site which allows you to switch between the “shuffle” and “spots” modes. In the shuffle mode, you'll see a random sequence of icons on the left of the screen. These are the same icons that appear in the regular game but in this mode you have a small chance to get a free spin. These free spins are a little hard to get in the regular version but this is the only difference you'll notice in the free version.