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Cosmosis Studio Series

By bagginz - Posted on 01 April 2011

What is it?

Cosmosis Studio Series is a series of  powerful  video workshops focussing on the most important areas of studio craft for producers of electronic dance music.

What subjects are covered?

The first in the series was Cosmosis Bass Secrets. The second will be "Creating Killer lead Lines", which will focus both on  Synth programming and creating custom sounds as well as Midi and musical programming. 

Others in the series will include:

3. Arranging and Composing

4. Power Remixing

When are they available?

The second course in the series: "Creating Killer Leads" should be available around late November/early December 2010. Others in the Studio Series will follow when time allows.

How much do they cost?

Prices will vary depending on how much work has gone into the course and how much ground it covers, but prices will be reasonable especially considering the premium content.

Discount Offer
Regular price for the workshop is €85 (euros)     
A special discounted price of €72 euros is available for subscribers to Cosmosis Bass Secrets
Both courses may be purchased together for €127 euros


Excerpt from Bass Secrets - First the Basics: 

Excerpt from Killer Leads - Single Oscillator Leads: