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Bass Secrets - Video Workshop

 The Cosmosis Bass Secrets Video Workshop

A  juicy workshop tutorial based around some of my own top psy-bass patches and packed with only the essential insider production secrets that I have learned both through my own experience creating Psytrance records over the past 15 years or so as well as that of working and collaborating with countless other top trance artists in studios world wide.

By request my original idea for a short bassline tutorial has now morphed into Cosmosis Bassline Secrets Workshop

Which now will consist of:

1. Several text articles with illustrations detailing neccesary information and theory concentrating on what you really need to know to get the bottom end right.

2. A special collection of my own fat psy-bass patches for Native Instrument's Kontakt software sampler vst. (you'll need V.1.5.2 or later to load the patches) Most patches were custom made especially for this workshop, but some of them are tried and tested, having been used on my own releases.

3. A brand new Cosmosis bass patch collection created especially for the Bass Secrets workshop for ZebraCM - a freely available (and excellent) VSTi

4. Bass Secrets Part 1 - which is a set of 9 short instructionals videos designed to give you a complete and thorough understanding of programming basic psy bass, covering subjects such as:


  • Single envelope bass sounds
  • Exponential envelopes
  •  Programming basic psy-bass sounds from scratch
  • Subtractive synthesis
  • The key parameters for tweaking bass sounds


5. Bass Secrets Part 2 - which is a set of 9 short instructionals videos plus audio designed to provide you with a more advanced understanding of psy bass and the finer points of tweaking, covering more advanced subjects such as:


  • Monitoring
  • Programming dual envelope bass sounds
  • Adding the funk with velocity
  • Patching cutoff to key tracking
  • Sidechaining bass to kick
  • Trance bassline patterns


6. Bonus article: "Insider Kick Drum Secrets"

 This will be a paid download. Cost: 55 euros (PayPal)

 As it's valuable insider info, spaces will be limited initially.

 If you are interested in this, send a short email (no need for a life story ) to this address  introducing yourself and explaining why you are interested.

 If you decide to go ahead and order, please add bbagginz<at> to your safe list to make sure that you can receive updates or download info without it getting blocked by your spam filter.

Cosmosis Bassline Secrets contains essential psy-trance production secrets and focusses on making the kick and bass section of your tracks really rock.

First, The Basics

Cosmosis Studio Series

What is it?

Cosmosis Studio Series is a series of  powerful  video workshops focussing on the most important areas of studio craft for producers of electronic dance music.

What subjects are covered?

The first in the series was Cosmosis Bass Secrets. The second will be "Creating Killer lead Lines", which will focus both on  Synth programming and creating custom sounds as well as Midi and musical programming. 

Others in the series will include:

3. Arranging and Composing

4. Power Remixing

When are they available?

The second course in the series: "Creating Killer Leads" should be available around late November/early December 2010. Others in the Studio Series will follow when time allows.

How much do they cost?

Prices will vary depending on how much work has gone into the course and how much ground it covers, but prices will be reasonable especially considering the premium content.

Discount Offer
Regular price for the workshop is €85 (euros)     
A special discounted price of €72 euros is available for subscribers to Cosmosis Bass Secrets
Both courses may be purchased together for €127 euros


Excerpt from Bass Secrets - First the Basics: 

Excerpt from Killer Leads - Single Oscillator Leads:


Killer Leads Video Workshop

Killer Leads - release date: 1st November 2010

Creating Killer Leads is the second in the Cosmosis Studio Series of video workshop