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Music theory: Do I need it? Pt 2

Q  "... do I really need to have a proper music education to make dance music? I have a friend that know music theory but his music doesn't sound better than others music..."

Thankfully nowadays there's good software for learning music theory


You have an interesting point...

Learning Music Theory

 Q  I am an electronic music lover. I have had only a very little practical experience in the field of music creation. Lets say that I am an absolute beginner."

"I want to begin learning about music, and in particular how to create music. Electronic music is the field that I am most interested in. I want to learn properly, and am willing to put some serious time and energy into doing so. I had thought about taking, initially, some keyboard lessons. Possibly studying music as a major part of a Bachelor of Arts degree, and in the future perhaps doing a Bachelor of Music composition at a music institute....

I have a long way to go..... but I was wondering if you could give any guidance or advice in this matter? "

Thankfully the days of requiring a PhD in patch cable management
    before being able to create electronic music are over