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Polyphony - Simultaneous Melodies


I have a question on leads. On your track "Keys to the Innerverse", before the break at 4:35, you have multiple melodies playing at the same time. When ever I try this, it just sounds like garbage.
All the melodies are fighting with each other, but when you do it, it sounds great. Can you give me some pointers? I've have some knowledge of music theory, but just can't get the feeling right. A finger in the right direction would be great!

Bill says:

First off, credit where credit's due. Props to the Laughing Budda himself: Jez Van Kampen.

Key to the Innerverse was very much a a co-written track. At that time, Jez and I were living out of each other's pockets musically and financially and practically living in the studio and out partying in London when we weren't.  So the track was born from that environment. And like all successful collaborations I like to think the result was greater than the sum of the parts. So; that said...


Tweaking Those Top Lines

What is your method for making tunes? How do you come up with some of your melodies for example?



I tend to use different approaches depending on what the initial inspiration was or what is required. Occasionally I will start with a tune, but as with Cosmosis I am making dance music, more often than not I will start by creating a nice groove.