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Summer and Studios

By bagginz - Posted on 01 July 2011

The weather today was just too beautiful to be sitting in a darkened studio making music, so I snuck off for a walk resolving to carry on with the studio stuff once the sun had gone down.

Being an aurally focussed type of guy, I took a small handheld stereo recorder (Yamaha Pocketrak CX) with me to catch

any interesting sounds that may present themselves.



I headed over the ripened wheatfields nearby to a small wooded valley with a stream running through it. I didn't have a camera with me but it looks similar to this (but with steeper sides and less large rocks):


The place was just teeming with life:

Ever wondered what a properly functioning, balanced and healthy eco system sounds like?

For all those of us that live in a temperate zone and had forgotten what our environment is supposed to sound like (being a city boy, born and raised on the periphery of the concrete jungle called London, I know I had) here's an example: Gorge.mp3

O.k., now back to my darkened room...

Billy Cosmosis