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Music theory: Do I need it? Pt 2

Q  "... do I really need to have a proper music education to make dance music? I have a friend that know music theory but his music doesn't sound better than others music..."

Thankfully nowadays there's good software for learning music theory


You have an interesting point...

Modular Synthesis vs Fixed Architecture

Q "...I read at your website that you didn't recommend the Nord Modular. I was actually going to buy one, or rather said I've had my thoughts on it. I've been thinking about a virus too (B or C, , but I feel a bit more determinded after reading your texts. But please, let me ask you what drives you into not recommending the Nord Modular? I'm very curious to know. Most swedish artists actually recommends it...."

Sliding Bass

Q  ... how do I get sliding bass sound you use in your some of your track?

Getting slides:

1. Put your synth into monophonic mode (can only play one note at a time)

2. Turn the Portamento (or slide) function on.

3. Enter 2 MIDI notes that slightly overlap into the key editor. See screenshot below:


Big SuperSaw Sounds with Albino 3?

Q ...How can I make a good warm supersaw sound with a softsinth like Albino just like on the Roland analogs? ...

How can I do this because Albino doesn't have unison?...

How do I finish my tracks?

" How do you write a song?"

"I tend to start off with a kick and bassline i like, then layer stuff over it, spread it out into phrases/sections like intro, build, killah bit, break but then kinda run out of steam and i dont know where to take it. i end up with lots of 2-3 minute bits of audio that sound cool but dont really form a song."


Sounds on "Howling at the Moon"

"Ever since I listened to the Howling at the Moon for the first time many years ago, I've been wondering what instrument is used for the line that comes in at 1:55 and the magnificent squeek at 5:45 (I assume it's the same synth) ? This track has since long been my favourite Cosmosis-track so I'm hoping you have the answer which can finally bring some form of peace to my mind ..."

Stereo Sidechaining in *any* VST Host Sequencer

" Is there any method to create stereo side chain in cubase sx?

(I heard that in cubase 4 it is very easy, but unfortunately, I dont have it)
I know how to do it with a group track but the result is mono, which is good for basses, but I wanna apply ducking to my pads, too and I want to do it in stereo of course...."


Learning Music Theory

 Q  I am an electronic music lover. I have had only a very little practical experience in the field of music creation. Lets say that I am an absolute beginner."

"I want to begin learning about music, and in particular how to create music. Electronic music is the field that I am most interested in. I want to learn properly, and am willing to put some serious time and energy into doing so. I had thought about taking, initially, some keyboard lessons. Possibly studying music as a major part of a Bachelor of Arts degree, and in the future perhaps doing a Bachelor of Music composition at a music institute....

I have a long way to go..... but I was wondering if you could give any guidance or advice in this matter? "

Thankfully the days of requiring a PhD in patch cable management
    before being able to create electronic music are over

Backing Up Your Live Sets

"Should I make a backup of live sets....what's the best way to do it...?" 

If you are getting paid to play your music at events it's important to do your best to make sure that you take a working backup of your set with you on the road in case of computer/hard drive failure or some other unforseen circumstance.

Dubbing Out

Q ... Quite often just before the release into the body of the song, you'll hear what sounds like a percussive hit (or sweep or swell) with a super long decay that just ends up sounding like white noise during the body of the song and this noise will continue till the end of a section where it is usually faded.

The question is, how do you tweak a sample so it will carry this characteristic without sounding as if its being looped?

Any help much appreciated...

Retro Delay

Bassline Basics

Q  " ... I love making goa grooves but I could never get the feel of a professionally done goa bassline though... Care to give a friend some tips? I like to think i'm quite crafty with sound, but that is one damn hard bass! "


The Classic Trance and Techno Bass Machine: The Roland TB303


Synths and Hardware Used On"Moonshine" - Synergy Album

"...What did you use for the lead riff in "Moonshine?"

A  There's quite a few leads in that track but if you mean the main theme that starts at 3.20 then it's a sound I made on a Kurzweil K2000.

Connecting MIDI Hardware for Playing Live

"...I got a roland mc500 sequencer, an akai s3000 sampler, a nord modular keyboard, an access virus a synth, a roland r8m drum machine with 909 soundcard, and a 12 channel mixer...."

                                 Slave To The Rhythm



Which do you think is the best multi FX processor?

"Also which instrument hardware do you suggest like multieffect processor FX? For sounds very very psychedelic. Eventide Harmonizer H-8000,Atomic Pulse Zoom RFX 2000, other use Tc Electronic Fireworx, Tc Powercore or Uad?"

       Universal Audio's UAD-1 card