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Adding the Funk: Creating That Trance Groove...

Q "You know, I think i've discovered what it is that ties together nearly every single type of Goa, whether it's full on melodic Israeli >banging or weird minimal bloopiness. Them darned basslines. Of course, you may also have noticed it goes doof, doof, doof a >lot too. What i'm wondering is why they're used? What makes them so popular in psytrance?"

Having Trouble With Writer's Block?

Help! I seem to be in the midst of a huge mental block thang and can't seem to get beyond playing with loops at the moment. Have I lost the will to arrange...? ARGH!


Hello there. No, you have not lost the will to arrange, and you do not have writer's block either.

You are suffering from Loopitis

VST vs Hardware

Judging by the some of your older website content, you seemed to be using most hardware for your music productions, and you seemed to have moved the VST side.


Yes, correct. I have moved over to (mainly)'s so much more convenient and sounds fantastic too. No noise, no cables etc.

Tools of the Trade


What hardware and equipment do you actually use? Do you prefer to use hardware of software?


UAD-1 Pultec eq - classic hardware now painstakingly modelled in software


Tweaking Those Top Lines

What is your method for making tunes? How do you come up with some of your melodies for example?



I tend to use different approaches depending on what the initial inspiration was or what is required. Occasionally I will start with a tune, but as with Cosmosis I am making dance music, more often than not I will start by creating a nice groove.

The Cosmosis/Interview with Bill - 1997

The Cosmosis/Interview with Bill 1997

Basstations at the ready - Onstage at the Marquee Club , London 1995

1. Please tell us your full name&a date of birth (it's an astrology thing)
Well for those of you that are interested (it's a sceptical thing) my full name is William Bryan Halsey and I was born on the 18th. day of July in 1962.

Dream Creation Interview 1998 - London, U.K

Interview with Cosmosis: Reproduced From The UK Underground Trance Mag "Dream Creation:"

Cosmosis - 1999 Interview

How long have you been using your own studio (the "Vibrazone") ?

2006 Cosmosis Interview by Run Lola

Cosmosis shares about the early days of the trance scene and what inspires him to create music. Interviewed by Run Lola ...

Bilbo at Phoenix Festival, USA

(Pimp clothes courtesy of Phoenix Festival Crew )

COSMOSIS: A Dancing Madman and Cosmic Explorer - Tokyo 2007

Interview Sonic Traveller Magazine, Tokyo Japan, Dec 2007 

Interview conducted by Ken from Sonic Traveller Magazine in Tokyo.

Cosmosis Interview - Finland May 2008

Rapid fire style interview with Finnish trance reporter and artist Reetta Nykanen (Rita Skeeta)

1.Name of the band?

Cosmosis but I also record as Mumbo Jumbo sometimes

2.Members, name in full?

What is this, an interrogation or an interview? :) My name is William Bryan Halsey.  Shoe size is 42

Cosmosis Interview 2008 by - Brazil


Cosmosis interviewed by October 2008 during his Brazilian tour

As years go by in your personal career which has been your favorite album out of the ones your wrote?


Interview for Jan 2009 - Sao Paulo

Bill interviewed by Guilherme Konrad Bantel


Chillin in Goa - Dec 2008


Hardware synthesizers: are they necessary?

Q. Just wondering, do you think its worth investing in an access virus or do you think using albino and z3ta will give me equally good results?

        Nord Lead 3. You know you want one, but do you need one?

Stop Cussin' and start Percussing...

Q  "...I'm wondering if you use any special tricks to put down your groove ideas before you start working on the arrangement. I might have lots of rhythmic ideas spinning in my head, but when I sit down and start entering the snares/claps/hits/crashes and other bits one by one in Cubase, I tend to loose the groove feeling.

Supernatural Loop

Q I saw some of your posts on a music makin' part of a forum I would be so shameless to ask you one thing...if it won't be problem for you...

No problem, ask away...

  A Waveform - interestingly enough, not the waveform from the loop being discussed.

Getting your music released...

Q " .. I want to get my music released by a record label but am unsure how to go about it... any advice you have would be really useful to me..."

Good question. Here's a couple of things to bear in mind:

The Intro to Crossroads?

Q .... which movie did you get that sample from that was used at the beginning of Down at the Crossroad?...

Mississippi John Hurt (who also happens to not be Robert Johnson)


A  Ah, the vocal sample at the beginning of Down At The Crossroads.