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Bass Secrets - Mixing Bass 2


Practical E.qing - in the Context of  Kick and/or Bass lines

First the bad news: there is no recipe for how to e.q a bassline. One cannot just say, "just boost x frequency by x db,  or cut y frequency by x db and it'll sound great."

Psyfiles Festival

Bass Secrets

Cosmosis Bass Secrets workshop consists of: 

1. Several text articles with illustrations detailing neccesary information and theory concentrating on what you really need to know to get the bottom end right. 

2. A special collection of my own fat psy-bass patches for Native Instrument's Kontakt software sampler vst. (you'll need V.1.5.2 or later to load the patches) Mostly created especially for this workshop, but some of which are tried and tested, having been used on my own releases. As well as using specific waveforms sampled from classic tried and tested VSTi s known to work for basslines in Psy trance. 

3. A brand new Cosmosis bass patch collection created especially for the Bass Secrets workshop for ZebraCM - a freely available (and excellent) VSTi 

4. Bass Secrets Part 1 - which is a set of 9 short instructionals videos designed to give you a complete and thorough understanding of programming basic psy bass, covering subjects such as: The single envelope bass sound Synth envelopes Programming basic psy-bass sounds from scratch, Synth architecture The key parameters for tweaking bass sounds etc.

5. Bass Secrets Part 2 - which is a set of 8 short instructionals videos plus audio designed to provide you with a more advanced understanding of psy bass and the finer points of tweaking, covering more advanced subjects such as: Monitoring, programming dual envelope bass sounds, adding the funk with velocity, patching cutoff to key tracking, sidechaining bass to kick, trance bassline patterns etc.. 

6. Bonus article: "Insider Kick Drum Secrets"

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Billy Cosmosis

How do you feel about your music making the rounds via bittorrent?

 Here's an excerpt from a recent email exchange...

>how do you feel about your music making the rounds via bittorrent?

Music vs Noise

After having played a live show at a party recently, I stuck around  to check out som



Universo Parallelo

Bass Secrets - Mixing Bass 1 - Background


Equalisation as part of the mixing process is a large subject.  This article attempts to focus upon using e.q to shape the low end in modern dance music.


Recording The Doors circa 1967

Using Spectrum Analysers For Mixing?

Q "... how can I tell whether my mix has got right mixture of frequencies? What about using a spectrum analyser..."

Mixing - Practical - Part 1

From a question and answer exchange with Billy Cosmosis ...

...I know you can choose to emphasise either one of those  [either kick or bassline ] as containing the bulk of the bass end, or both if you're good at eq'ing and separation  (which to me is still a hassle, particularly since in the bass end, things tend to clash and clutter more)..."

Stereo Percussion and Phase Issues?

Q "... I have a production question. Some of the drum samples in the track i'm making are stereo. I've read in the Dance Music Manual by Snowman, that it's prudent to make make single drum hits samples that are originally in stereo (such as hi-hat samples for example) into mono. That way one should be able to pan them more truthfully in the stereo field, because they occupy less space in the stereo field. .."

Do you keep all your tracks the same key?

Q:  "...I was wondering if you tend to stick with one musical key for all your music? Otherwise when mixing (djing) the tracks, wouldn't that cause the basslines to change in key and therefore work against trancing people out? Has a kind of Psytrance key code of practise developed over the years?"



Creating Talking Synth Sounds

Q use a lot of talking type synth sounds...(ayyyee, yoooy...bwoooow...etc :-) ) I manage to do those with vsts, yet... with a different colour and with less control on the values...(I hope you understand what I mean)...How did you actualy control the values on these synths sounds? ( a "ya" for ex instead of "oy"...).

Do you play your leads with a physical keyboard?

Q ...Anyways, i was wondering if you play your leads with a physical keyboard? Ive been wondering if i should practise to play the keyboard so that i could easily make some leads, but it's damn difficult y'know :-) Maybe your answer could encourage me to do so, or not....



Best Working Methods to Make Trance Music?

Q .....what's the best method to make trance music? Do you use MIDI synths when you are making tracks, or audio? And do you convert your MIDI to audio before you mix?


A i t's an interesting question, as it highlights some of the pitfalls of music composition using the modern tools that we currently have at out disposal.

Hardware Synthesizers: Necessary or Not?

Q "....I want to make music in the same style as you. I am thinking of buying some kind of hardware synthesizers as I only have a computer virtual synths. Which ones should I get, Nord lead 2, 3?"