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Interview before the show at Tel- Hai, Israel 26-5-2011

A Fantastic event!”: One on one with Cosmosis, a trance legend, moments before he conquers Tel-Hai College.   Interview by Oded Oron & Liron Gavenda – Student Newspaper “Holech Batel”

Waking up after a long night of celebrations, thousands of hung over students started piling up the compliments on a successful Student-Day, conducted and produced by the student-body. We interviewed Bill “Bilbo” Halsey, a.k.a. Cosmosis a few minutes prior to his set, Halsey spoke of touring, music and his upcoming projects – And there were no hesitations with compliments.


Cosmosis at Club ZZ Tripo Tel Aviv 26th May 2011

ZZ Tripo Tel Aviv - a club with an excellent underground party vibe...

Cosmosis at Synthetic Dreams, Moscow May 28th 2011

A couple of videos of the Cosmosis show at the Synthetic Dreams Party near Moscow last weekend...


Peaking Goddess Collective - Recording Sessions May 2011


Over the last few years I'd bumped in Ajja several times on the road in Brazil, The U.S and Switzerland as we seemed to be getting booked at the same festivals.

Monitoring Environments, and Creepy Vocal FX

Q. I'm using a pair of  Behringer MS16 monitors with a sub attached . The positioning of the speakers is not great either, they are all squashed inside a cabinet with doors, so i don't get a very good idea of the stereo feel of my stuff.

My thought on it is that if I can hear how good your stuff sounds on them, so why shouldn't I be able to produce something that sounds equally good?

A. Unfortunately it doesn't work like that. I wish it did.

Cosmosis at Purim Galactic party 25-3-2011 Eilat, and Club Gossip 28-3-11 Tel Aviv, Israel

Purim Galactic Rave - Ashram, Southern Desert, Israel - 25th March



Bass Secrets - Video Workshop

 The Cosmosis Bass Secrets Video Workshop

A  juicy workshop tutorial based around some of my own top psy-bass patches and packed with only the essential insider production secrets that I have learned both through my own experience creating Psytrance records over the past 15 years or so as well as that of working and collaborating with countless other top trance artists in studios world wide.

By request my original idea for a short bassline tutorial has now morphed into Cosmosis Bassline Secrets Workshop

Which now will consist of:

1. Several text articles with illustrations detailing neccesary information and theory concentrating on what you really need to know to get the bottom end right.

2. A special collection of my own fat psy-bass patches for Native Instrument's Kontakt software sampler vst. (you'll need V.1.5.2 or later to load the patches) Most patches were custom made especially for this workshop, but some of them are tried and tested, having been used on my own releases.

3. A brand new Cosmosis bass patch collection created especially for the Bass Secrets workshop for ZebraCM - a freely available (and excellent) VSTi

4. Bass Secrets Part 1 - which is a set of 9 short instructionals videos designed to give you a complete and thorough understanding of programming basic psy bass, covering subjects such as:


  • Single envelope bass sounds
  • Exponential envelopes
  •  Programming basic psy-bass sounds from scratch
  • Subtractive synthesis
  • The key parameters for tweaking bass sounds


5. Bass Secrets Part 2 - which is a set of 9 short instructionals videos plus audio designed to provide you with a more advanced understanding of psy bass and the finer points of tweaking, covering more advanced subjects such as:


  • Monitoring
  • Programming dual envelope bass sounds
  • Adding the funk with velocity
  • Patching cutoff to key tracking
  • Sidechaining bass to kick
  • Trance bassline patterns


6. Bonus article: "Insider Kick Drum Secrets"

 This will be a paid download. Cost: 55 euros (PayPal)

 As it's valuable insider info, spaces will be limited initially.

 If you are interested in this, send a short email (no need for a life story ) to this address  introducing yourself and explaining why you are interested.

 If you decide to go ahead and order, please add bbagginz<at> to your safe list to make sure that you can receive updates or download info without it getting blocked by your spam filter.

Cosmosis Bassline Secrets contains essential psy-trance production secrets and focusses on making the kick and bass section of your tracks really rock.

First, The Basics

Maitreya Festival, Melbourne , Australia

A couple of short YouTube vids someone shot at the Maitreya Festival, Victoria, Australia 11-14th March 2011...

Kulturfabrik Wetzikon

Outdoor Party

Billy Cosmosis onstage with the Acid Jazz/Hip Hop band "Ute"

This one's good for a laugh...

Billy Cosmosis onstage with the Acid Jazz/Hip Hop band "Ute" back in 1993 (I think...)

The name of the TV programme escapes me, but the show was broadcast live on Saturday nights from 24th flòor Canary Wharf, London.




Cosmosis Interview - February 2011 - Taxi Music publishers


Q: Where did you grow up?

A: London, England. I spent most of my life in London before re-locating to Switzerland where I'm now based.

Q: What made you realize that music was your path?

A: When I was a teenager I used to sit in a darkened room and listen to music with my mates - as you do when you're a teenager. One day I began to be able to distinguish the seperate instruments in a mix along with their stereo placement. Music changed from being a 2 dimensional sound with a melody line on the top that you sing along, with into a 3 dimensional technicolour tapestry. It was quite a revelation. At that moment I knew that's what I wanted to do; be involved in creating that stuff.

Q: How would you describe the music that you typically create?

A: Well firstly, I'm musically schizophrenic and have two distinct musical personalities: My main electronic project (Cosmosis) could be described as trippy, high powered dance music for the digital generation, it's all hi-tech, computer based modern production. On the other hand I have a whole other side which has it's roots in more traditionally based music and sits somewhere around the intersection of Blues, Gospel, Soul and Jazz.

MySpace? SadSpace more like...


MySpace. Been there lately?  SadSpace more like.

Contrary to it's earlier days not so long ago when it was a fun to use interface, with people leaving personal comments on each other's profiiles and using it to keep in touch via the emails, it's now like walking through the ruins of a bombed out city with the only population a collection of hollowed out mindless zombies with only a single all encompassing mantra playing over and over in their little minds: "I must promote myself, I must promote myself."

Adding Impact to your Drops

Question:   Are you doing an

Vibing at the Vibrazone - Cosmosis New 2011 Releases

Here's what I've been up to in the my studio  at the end of 2010 and beginning of 2011.

There's some different new tunes, new remixes and some interesting collaborations for you to check out  

First up is an unusual collaboration with D3viant. A remix of  "Caged Lion" which was originally a Cosmosis/Avalon Psytrance track.  In this incarnation it's been transformed into a grinding Dubstep version:


Next up is a Cosmosis and Headroom collaboration titled "High Volume".  Adam Headroom and I wrote the track at his studio in Cape Town while I was on tour in South Africa.


It was interesting working with Adam. The approach to bassline and percussion was very easy to agree upon but the melodic component was another story and took quite some time, with us both floundering around trying out and discarding a huge amount of different ideas before we could even begin to agree upon something that may have satisfied us both 100%.

What I found really interesting is that we appear to have an almost perfectly opposed melodic sense. I'd describe Adam's approach as a chromatic modal approach in which all 12 notes are melodically available and are just considered by their relationship to the tonic (a la Arnold Schoenberg) and in which he tends to favour the dissonant intervals, whereas I tend toward a scalar approach with it's inherant harmonic potential and tend to favour the consonant intervals. Which is about as opposite as you can get.

This is my take on the tune which I mixed once I got back to Switzerland.