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Psychedelica Melodica - Press Release

By bagginz - Posted on 26 September 2009


After 2 years, the music for the eagerly awaited new album from Cosmosis Psychedelica Melodica is finished. Release is scheduled for 6th June 2007



After releasing the popular and successful Trancendance album, Cosmosis has spent much of the last two years touring and playing worldwide at parties in places such as Brazil, Mexico, Australia, Canada, South Africa, Israel, Russia, The United States, Japan and all over Europe

Cosmosis now returns with a stunning collection of powerful quality tracks in this, the sixth Cosmosis artist album to date.

Overall, the music on Psychedelica Melodica emphasises melody more than the previous record Trancendance and yet manages to combine that with a deep psychedelic sensibility - hence the title. Psychedelica Melodica also majors in rubbery basslines and throbbing dance grooves often at times with a liberal dash of funk.

All this is presented with the state of the art production level as well as character; that rare element that distinguishes artists from the artisans and which in this case makes the music uniquely identifiable as Cosmosis in a genre in which tracks often sound formulaic.

Bill says:

"After finishing my last album, I took some time out to listen to some of my old favourites tunes and analyse what I liked about them. I listened to both mine and other producer's tracks. I realized that many times what I'd enjoyed were the often understated melodic figures. All too often what was missing in much modern trance for me was any kind of melodic structure.

While I still do love textures and weird shaped noises, that alone in the complete absence of any kind of melody often sounds barren and soulless. For me the challenge was to create an album of intensely psychedelic dance music, but also to carefully blend in some more melodic and emotional aspects in a subtle enough way so as to not turn it into a complete cheesefest. It's quite a tricky call to do it in convincing way... I guess in some ways I've gone back to my roots, but don't expect the Cosmosis sound circa 1996, this is quite different, the kick, grooves and the psychedelic aspect are far more in your face... "

"...also I created and produced the music for the album with a commitment to quality and excellence, which I believe is even more important in this world of disposable generic tracks valuing quantity over quality. I didn't let anything pass that I was not 101% satisfied with. This obviously took more a lot more time, but I wanted to make an album that I could be totally satisfied and at peace with... "


The man behind the music - Bill Halsey


  And there doesn't appear to be any dodgy tracks padding the album either. All the tracks have distinct personalities. Each track been carefully and precisely crafted as only an experienced psy-trance producer with over twelve years of record releases and live and DJ performance under his belt can.

The experience shows.

In a scene where the music tends towards the generic, it is indeed rare and refreshing to hear an artist with an original voice.

Destined to become another must-have Psy-Trance classic.


Track List:

1. No Such Thing (Throb Factor Five mix)

2. Creature From Outer Space

3. Metaphysical Worlds

4. Dance of The Cosmic Serpent

5. Life Between Lives

6. Martian Blues

7. Journey Of The Soul

8. Spanish Gypsy


Released on Holophonic Records

Distributed by Arabesque Distribution - London

Tel: 00 44 (0)208 992 7732

Release date: 6th June 2007


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