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Destiny's Child Remix?

By bagginz - Posted on 28 August 2011

So, is Cosmosis working with Beyoncé now?

Yeah, I wish : )

A while ago someone sent me an accapella of a old Destiny's Child track.  As I listened to it, just for fun, I picked up my acoustic guitar and figured out some nice chords to accompany the vocals.

In order to hear it back without concentrating on playing guitar, I put the vocal track into my sequencer and recorded the guitar chords against it just to see what it would sound like.

While I was listening back, I thought, "hmm, what kind of drum groove would work with that?" So I inserted a drum sampler VST instrument and tweaked up a kind of old school funk groove and built a complete drum track for the arrangement. (you can see where this is going...)  Once I had the drums I couldn't just leave it without a bassline, so out came another VSTi (Zebra2)  to create the bassline, after that, "Hmm, a pad would be nice" then plugged in the electric guitar for a solo and so on...

This is the end result: 

I had never heard the original Destiny's Child track, so this version was built up entirely from scratch using just the vocal track as a guide.

What's intersting to me is how it differs from the original. It was only after I had completely finished my arrangement that I looked up the original version, which I would characterise as modern r'n'b with a tribal drum vibe.

btw, If you find the fact that I'd remix a Destiny's Child track difficult to get your head around, just file under "things musicians do to keep their musical sanity when spending weeks in the studio making twisted electronic noises..."