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Vibing at the Vibrazone - Cosmosis New 2011 Releases

By bagginz - Posted on 11 February 2011

Here's what I've been up to in the my studio  at the end of 2010 and beginning of 2011.

There's some different new tunes, new remixes and some interesting collaborations for you to check out  

First up is an unusual collaboration with D3viant. A remix of  "Caged Lion" which was originally a Cosmosis/Avalon Psytrance track.  In this incarnation it's been transformed into a grinding Dubstep version:


Next up is a Cosmosis and Headroom collaboration titled "High Volume".  Adam Headroom and I wrote the track at his studio in Cape Town while I was on tour in South Africa.


It was interesting working with Adam. The approach to bassline and percussion was very easy to agree upon but the melodic component was another story and took quite some time, with us both floundering around trying out and discarding a huge amount of different ideas before we could even begin to agree upon something that may have satisfied us both 100%.

What I found really interesting is that we appear to have an almost perfectly opposed melodic sense. I'd describe Adam's approach as a chromatic modal approach in which all 12 notes are melodically available and are just considered by their relationship to the tonic (a la Arnold Schoenberg) and in which he tends to favour the dissonant intervals, whereas I tend toward a scalar approach with it's inherant harmonic potential and tend to favour the consonant intervals. Which is about as opposite as you can get.

This is my take on the tune which I mixed once I got back to Switzerland.


Next up is my remix of Burn In Noise's track. "The Last Window"

Gustavo and I previously collaborated at his studio in Brasilia on a track called "Ancient Knowledge" (which ended up on his first album) which is a real winner on the dancefloor. Most of the time it ends up in my sets when I play out. I keep meaning to retire it from my sets but the groove in  Ancient Knowledge kicks such serious butt on the dancefloor that I really enjoy playing it still.


Heading over on a more Progressive trance tip and in a deeper and more relaxed vibe here's the Cosmosis remix of Soundmagus's "Mai Pin Rai" (which loosely translated from the Thai language means "no worries")


Rastafari Rising is the second collaboration with Eric Mokotoff a.k.a Quantica (the first being "Empty Space" which appeared on Fumbling For The Funky Frequency)

As Eric's studio is in Ibiza and mine is in Switzerland this was an internet collaboration aided by Skype and swapping project files via FTP servers so a real 21st century collaboration (also my first 100% internet collaboration) The tune weaves Jamaican dub skankage together with a pumping trance groove with big melodic breaks and a dynamic arrangement.




That's all for now, but do keep an eye on this space because I'm working on a few more tunes which will surface in the near future. 

I'm currently  working on a phat remix of the classic Cosmosis chestnut "Crossroads"  which is nearing completion.       

(The story on the original Crossroads intro )

The Down at The Crossroads Phat Mix had it's premier as the storming set ender of the Cosmosis live show last weekend at the "Where's The Summer" party at Kulturfabrik, Wetzikon, Switzerland and went down a storm.  But it still needs just that extra tweak or two before I'm fully happy with it being fit for release.

That plus I'll have a few Mumbo Jumbo tunes from the dark and dusty corners of the Vibrozone vaults that never saw the light of day which have been given the "Phat" treatment and will be rolled out quite soon...

Cheers for now,
Billy Cosmosis

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