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Summer and Studios

By bagginz - Posted on 01 July 2011

The weather today was just too beautiful to be sitting in a darkened studio making music, so I snuck off for a walk resolving to carry on with the studio stuff once the sun had gone down.

Being an aurally focussed type of guy, I took a small handheld stereo recorder (Yamaha Pocketrak CX) with me to catch any interesting sounds that may present themselves.


I headed out the back of the house over the ripened wheatfields nearby towards a small wooded valley with a stream running through it. I didn't have a camera with me, but it looks similar to this (but with steeper sides and less large rocks)


As the sunlight streamed through the trees, it struck me that the place was just teeming with life.

After wandering about for a while, I found a nice spot and spent quite some time there sitting and just listening, soaking up the vibe.

Ever wondered what a properly functioning, balanced and healthy eco system sounds like?

For all those of us that live in a temperate zone and had forgotten what our environment is supposed to sound like, and being a city boy, born and raised on the periphery of the concrete jungle called London, I know I had. Here's an example: Gorge.mp3


If you listen carefully, allowing the mind's chatter to gradually quieten down, there's something in the sound that soothes the soul.

it's a sound that re-connects our modern, un-balanced and quite frankly insane consumerist mentality back to our ancient wisdom and our species natural intelligence...

Which is handy.

Because I think that we're going to need all the help that we can get as oil starts to become more expensive and we enter an energy descent future:


Which, despite the major inconvieniences (and worse) that it will bring, in the long run may end up being a blessing.

Because, to me at least, human beings have amply demonstrated we are easily stupid enough that given the opportunity of unlimited amount of fossil fuel resources, we'd pollute ourselves out of existence. Or destroy the delicate climatic balance that supports human life (which amounts to the same thing) or both and then some, killing off the biosphere and ourselves in the process.

In fact barring any change to our present course,  that's exactly where we're heading.

There seems to be a bug in the human software somewhere.  A blindspot that it makes it difficult for humans to see themselves as part of the biosphere, as growing out of the biosphere: the natural system upon which we are totally dependant for life. Screw that up and we're gone.

Being blind to just that one fundamental fact inexorably leads to Game Over.

As I said, despite the major reset looming, Peak Oil maybe a blessing rather than a curse. Certainly from a species wide view if not from an individual point of view.

O.k now, back to my darkened room...

Billy Cosmosis