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Steinberg Cubase 5 - The Borgz Have Replicated

By bagginz - Posted on 02 October 2009

For those of you interested in music production, Cubase 5 has been released:

See here for details:
Cubase 5 video

I've used Steinberg music software for about 20 odd years now.  My first experience of music software was using Steinberg Pro 24 on an Atari 1024 with a whopping great 1 megabyte of memory.  Steinberg Pro24 later morphed into Cubase.    And I then used Cubase on my Atari 1024 with my trusty black and white 12" monitor screen.

Still later I upgraded my Atari to a 486 PC with (20 meg!) and ran an early copy of Cubase for Windows which was just midi, no audio. This was the machine with which I made my early dance  tracks, as well as later making some of the early Cosmosis tracks with Jez Van Kampen ( Cannabanoid, Dans ta Figure etc.) which were released as the first vinyl Cosmosis records.

Computer and recording technology has improved by such huge leaps and bounds in the interim and now we are at Cubase 5. Which, like most modern music software, is a complete music studio in a box and now capable of doing things which were truly inconceivable (and sometimes not even possible) just a couple of decades ago.

Billy Cosmosis

Below is my response (posted on KVR) to Steinberg's Cubase 5 release video...

So, Cubase 5 eh?

Steinberg makes an early win for my personal 2009 award for the most cringe inducing video presentation. Not the software mind, the presentation.

Actually the presenters.

Perhaps, just perhaps  brilliantly minded but nerdy computer programming types should be left in the comfort of their natural environment (a messy room with several video monitors and half empty coffee cups) Rather than hauled out into the bright glare of the public gaze and cajoled into giving embarrasingly wooden performances by some equally hammy (Stein) Borg like interviewer.

Don't get me wrong, I love these guys, and they truly are brilliant at what they do. It's just that what they do best isn't public presentation.

As Winston Churchill (allegedly) said, "Never in the field of music software, have so many pairs of ill fitting trousers owed so much to so few thoughts about dress sense."  (with the notable exception of the Mainborg's shirt)

I realize that the video is not aimed at me, but rather younger hip n' groovy types, but the Sesame Street presentation style does come across as somewhat condescending: ( e.g,  presenter turns to the camera and says, "Wow! So far all  the new features have been  REALLY cwuool..." ) and risks alienating their more professional client base.

My advice to the Borgz is: either next time spend some cash and get some professionals to do the "top level menu" style format. Or just lose the top level menu and just hit us with the details.  We can handle it.

O.k, enough about the presentation.

From my point of view the:

1. Integrated pitch correction tools
2. Batch export (about time!)
3. Automation improvements

are the selling points. The rest I could leave.

I will probably buy the upgrade once it's been properly beta tested by the  early adopters and proven to be de bugged and stable - which should be in about 18 months from now. (no irony intended)