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Killer Leads - release date: 1st November 2010

By bagginz - Posted on 11 February 2011


Creating Killer Leads is the second in the Cosmosis Studio Series of video workshops.  (Intermediate level)

The videos focus mainly upon on gaining familiarity with the basic tools of synthesis with a view to creating your own custom lead sounds. Basic e.q and use of effects is also covered along the way.
Creating Killer Leads is really a primer in sound design. This is because I've observed that the main weakness in many new producers is a solid grasp of the basic tools used to shape, manipulate and create sounds.

This means that one is often just limited to using synth presets rather than designing exactly what you want from scratch or being able to take any preset and shape it to fit into any sonic situation.

Creating Killer Leads is designed from the ground up to put you in the driving seat and give you power and control over your sounds.

If you use follow the information presented and spend time experimenting with the techniques in your own environment, you'll gain a thorough understanding of the tools of sound design and manipulation which will give you the neccesary skills be able to design your own sounds as well as tweak any synth presets into shape so that they fit properly into your own tracks.


The Creating Killer Leads course consists of:

Almost 3 1/2 hours of narrated video material (annotated with handy tips) and edited for maximum information in the minimum amount of time covering subjects such as:

  • Formant Filters
  • Oscillator Sync
  • Ring Modulation (AM)
  • Unison Detune  
  • Cross Modulation FM
  • Slides, Glides and Portamento
  • Using PWM
  • Supersaw
  • Single Oscillator Lead Sounds
  • Envelope Modes
  • Trigger Gating
  • 303 and Acid Lines
  • Creating Special Effects
  • Using Distortion

As well as the video course you also get:

1.  A custom bank of over 120 lead and FX patches for Vanguard  (some of the patches were used in Cosmosis tracks on the Psychedelica Melodica album)


2.  A new collection of over 100 mainly lead sounds for LinPlug's Albino 3  from squelchy saws to screaming sync to chainsaw FM sounds ( Not the same bank as the previous patch banks for Albino 2)



3.  A custom made collection of lead patches for U-he's excellent Zebra2 synth:


In addition you also get access to:

The Basics:  five videos which take a detailed look at the background and basics of subtractive synthesis in order to to bring you up to intermediate level if you're a beginner, or to be used as a refresher course on the basics: Waveforms, Filters and Envelopes.

  • Subtractive Synthesis
  • Waveforms and Harmonics
  • Waveform selection
  • Envelopes and filters
  • Filters

Creating Killer Leads is also packed with plenty of production secrets that I have learned both through my own experience creating Psytrance records over the past 15 years or so, as well as that of working and collaborating with countless other top Trance artists in studios world wide.

At 3 hours 25 minutes running time, Killer leads has well over three times the amount of video time as the original Bass Secrets course. Killer Leads is also is annotated with extra information and tips and is edited to provide maximum information in the minimum time.

Cost: € 85 (PayPal)     

With special discount for Bass Secrets subscribers: € 72 (PayPal)  

If you are interested in this, send an email to this address:  You'll then receive the ordering instructions.

If you decide to go ahead and order, please add bbagginz<at> to your safe list to make sure that you can receive updates or download info without it getting blocked by your spam filter.