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Cosmosis - Live Looping - (loops download)

By bagginz - Posted on 08 August 2011

A while ago I posted this video of me creating music on the fly by "live looping". The piece was based around two looped pieces of audio, the other looped parts being created on the fly with the guitar (recorded into Ableton) and the arrangement being created by using a small midi controller as an 8 track mixer/FX cont

The loops were:

  • a  2 bar drum loop
  • a one bar Rhodes electric piano loop

 Two short pieces of audio  (three in total if you include the crash cymbal)

The fact that I was able to use just these minimal elements as a basis to create a 7 min piece of music is a testamant to the power of the live looping technique.

It's also a lot of fun as it brings back a spontaneous (and chaotic) element into the music creation process which I for one find sorely lacking in modern electronic music production...

So, I thought that you producers out there might me be interested in the raw loops used, either to create your own piece or just out of curiosity, so here they are:


Billy Cosmosis